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Welcome play and join a new Trivia Game and invite 

friends and play tournaments with them.

Join for free today and play a new game every 5 th minute.

We are here too help you. Chat with us and join

our worldwide superteam today!

Copy my referallink: and register

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SuperOne Game

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Once in a Lifetime

You must register today and join our SuperOne Worldwide team.. 

Play for free Trivia Battle when it start now in June. 


Register for free and invite your friends and earn 10-30 % from their game or

other thing they pay for on platform.


It is very big prices in platform for players and it will launch a new game

every 5´th minute. You swipe yes or no and it is 10 questions. You can freeze,

swaps, lives or passes.


If you buy an investment package you will earn staking and commision from

Supertoken and from NFT cards. When someone not can answer a question 

and question is about person at your card. you earn money.

Supertoken gonna be out in open market in late summertime.

It is allready many registred on platform and biggest market is Indonesia, Japan 

and Germany. 

SuperOne soon have their own bank - Superbank


First part of SuperOne is free game and it launch in june. The biggest football 

team is fiirst out on Trivia Game you now can play for free if your register for an account .

Next sport is Cricket and then we have Moviestars and Rockstars onboard too.

Legitimt Company


Partnership with 600 million fans 

KPMG is one of the largest accounting firm in world and they has controlled SuperOne

and they have left their first positive report

SuperOne is from Norway

It is 4 years old

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